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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Can I do with My ING Canada Orange Key?

     Because I know everyone is thinking these things now, I will answer the unasked questions in your head about the ING Direct Canada Orange Key!

Q. Can the ING Orange Key act as a master key to replace all my other keys?
A. Have you tried putting your INGDirect.ca Orange Key into a lock recently?...Try and ask again.

Q. Can my Orange Key from ING Direct solve the worlds political and social problems?

A. If you haven't noticed already politicians here hopeless, not even your mighty Canadian Orange Key can  help them. As for the worlds social issues...Try and post a comment if you succeed!

Q. I failed to solve the worlds social issues using my ING Canada Orange Key, think I could at least conquer world hunger with it?
A. Not directly, but if you put all your referral money into an ING Direct Canada Streetwise Fund and pray for a miracle you might be able to feed yourself for a month, and that's how we change the world - one person at time.

Q. Someone told me that the ING Orange key is a plot by the government of Canada to take over the world, is it true!?
A. Don't be stupid...This is Canada, not a certain country that geographically exists south of our asses. The only thing we would plot is to boycott the beaver pelt industry in which case we don't need our orange keys. Oh and it's The Harper Government now fool! Get it straight or risk losing your overpaid government job...hmm...maybe Canada is capable of plotting.

Q. Is my orange key good for getting money at other Canadian online banks?
A. No, you need a purple key for that.

Q. Where do I get a purple key?
A. Sorry my lunch break is over....next time!

If you have any other questions you need answered about Canada, ING Direct, the Orange Key or any other thing you can think of feel free to post them in the comments! 

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