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Monday, September 5, 2011

ING Direct Canada Orange Key Goals

     We already had one main post abount INGDirect.ca and their orange key program, this blog post will focus on one particualr aspect of ING Direct Canada's Orange Key referral bonus. Of course getting free money is fun but what could add even more fun to it? What can entice us even more to try and sign our friends up at INGDirect.ca? Well I think ING Direct Canada got it right, they added a slight game aspect to it. So now not only do you earn money with your ING Direct Canada orange key, but also you have 'goals' to try and reach to 'unlock' bonus money!
     The goal system is tier based, once you reach the designated number of referrals ING Direct Canada will give you and extra bonus on top of the $25 that they already give you for each orange key referral. Here is the chart which shows the details of the INGDirect.ca orange key goal system:

# of Referrals
Referral $
Bonus $






     In the left column you can see how many people you need to refer to unlock each ING Direct Orange Key Bonus. The tier system requires 10 referrals to unlock each bonus. The center column show how much money you will earn from INGDirect.ca normally for referrals using your orange key. Since you earn $25 each, each tier is worth $250. The right column shows the bonus amount that you can receive by using your ING Direct Canada orange key and unlocking the orange key goals. The bonus amount starts at $50 for 10 referrals and increases $50 each tier.
     So if you haven't done the math yet, or don't want to be bothered to do the math, it comes to a total of $2000 for 50 referrals! I think it's safe to say that's one reason why the ING Direct Orange Key program is great. If you used an orange key to create your account at INGDirect.ca then your total amount of potential free money sits at $2025! Not to mention any interest you can earn.
     If you don't have an account already what are you waiting for?

     -Sign Up Now at ING Direct.ca (don`t forget to copy an ING Direct Canada Orange Key  33885729S1 )  
     -See our original post about the ING Direct Orange Key program HERE for more information.


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