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Monday, September 19, 2011

Not so ING but Still Orange Art!

     Believe it or not there is more to life than ING Direct Canada and the orange key program. There are more things to think about than just Canadian Banks, Online Banks, US Banks or any other form of money saving institution offering savings accounts...yes my friend there is life beyond INGDirect.ca, there may or may not be intelligent life outside Canada however...thats a debat for someone elses blog or at least a different post. It seems the insanity has begun spilling out of my orange key squidoo page and finding its way onto what was once a blog about a bank in Canada and it's mighty orange key!
     Anyways here is a little orange art spawned from too many minutes of free time, enjoy!

Because if you don't the next coffee you drink might just be from this cup...and you sure as H*ll don't want to drink that bitter $hit...(Is the language excusable?)

We tend to forget that oranges are living organisms too...sure you can peel them but would you like to be peeled?
Good, garbage? Probably more interesting than the other orange key sites at least. What do you think? I'll probably be posting more at some point so come back and check!

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