What is BFBD?

BFBD is a Psycho-Electro Punk band from Toronto Canada. They generate power for their gear using dogsled generators and they eat a box of Creed for breakfast everyday! You don't mess with BFBD cause they'll gnaw off you legs and build a dam with them. You listen to BFBD cause you can't fathom what type of sound all this BS is backing up!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BFBD is Canadian Pshyco-Electro Punk!

Excuse me BFBD...What exactly does Canadian Psycho-Electro Punk sound and look like?! Does Punk exist in Canada?! How does the band get electricity to make the Electro part?! Well Punk does exist in Canada!! The electricity comes from dogsled wheels (think hamster wheels only bigger and colder)!

As for the look and sound, check it out! BFBD's Tracks on Youtube:

BFBD - Pretty

BFBD - Pink Nose

BFBD - Tongues

As for the looks - Updated info, photos, give aways and more can be found on the Official BFBD Facebook Page. Enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

BFBD - Meet the Members


A second post about the band BFBD. Collected some information about the members. The band has 3 members, all of which are rather interesting characters!



Godbout is the undeclared band leader, having the most experience in music creation and the industry, he tends to be the brain behind the music as well as the voice that projects it. Godbout is a firm believer in that analogue is best, which can lend to the music's intrigue and also cause minor migraines while recording and producing new material.



B-Rex is the band's bassist and claims to be in charge of style, although what exactly being in charge of style entails has yet to be discovered. B-Rex is a minority which leaves him vulnerable to racial attacks from the other band members, however he has the developed the innate ability to ignore the banter (good for you B-REX!) . B-Rex is also the unofficial art director for the group, and his manifestations of insanity spring up often.



Mr.Namakemono plays keys for BFBD, he also loves getting his dirty hands on anything electric and would be a DJ if he had more energy and wasn't so slow... Namakemono can be viewed as the ying to Godbouts wang...err...yang...due to his belief in all things digital, although he is not opposed to analogue methods. A near death experience inspired Namakemono's band name, it's said that he was nearly slashed to death in a Japanese petting zoo by a sloth...his pretty face was left unharmed :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

BFBD - New Toronto Based Band

     BFBD isn't related to the orange key in anyway but I wanted to show my support for a great band coming from my home town Toronto Ontario Canada. Please take a look at their work and help support an upcoming Canadian band!

BFBD logo
BFBD: love.hate.sex
BFBD Facebook Page (OFFICIAL) The band can often be found on this page interacting with fans. It has links to photos, music and videos.

The BFBD YouTube Channel! (OFFICIAL) Listen to and watch videos/music posted by BFBD.

BFBD Street Team and Fansite This site is not run by BFBD but is recognized by them as the official fan/street team page.