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BFBD is a Psycho-Electro Punk band from Toronto Canada. They generate power for their gear using dogsled generators and they eat a box of Creed for breakfast everyday! You don't mess with BFBD cause they'll gnaw off you legs and build a dam with them. You listen to BFBD cause you can't fathom what type of sound all this BS is backing up!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

ING Direct Double Bonus Coming to an End!

    So have you made any referrals yet since the double bonus offer began!? Time is almost up, the are only a couple weeks left in the month and after that you`ll be stuck with the old $25 bonus and below average interest rates just like before...
    But it`s not to late! Get to work, work your family! Take hostages and negotiate their release only after all members of the SWAT team have used your orange key! Hmm...maybe that`s not a good idea...i mean you could get the money, but recently in movies people who take hostages always get caught, and we all know that the cinema reflects an accurate image of real life...

    Egg nog anyone? 

    Anyways there are some tips in that tip tab at the top of the site, or you can find them in the older posts. Good luck with your referrals!

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