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Monday, February 13, 2012

INGDirect.ca Online Support - Crapfkntastic! (Part 2) Resolution

Well having waited over a week and sending 3 follow up emails a response was finally issued to me by INGDirect.ca. Am I satisfied? Well Kinda. The email is good, what I had hoped for and more than I expected. However in the end I feel less secure about getting assistance from ING Direct Canada`s support staff. My advice to everyone is ask by email, and if you need to ease your mind go ahead and ask by chat but I wouldn`t act until that email response comes in. Or is you are daring and don`t mind interacting with humans you can just call. Two answers are better than one!

Here is the response


My apologies for the delay in replying to you. Although this isn't an excuse, it's been busier than we've expected this month - adding more time than it usually takes for us to investigate, action, and get back to you.

I've looked up the chat and reviewed the emails you've sent us, and the agent you chatted with was incorrect. Mr.Pink has given you the correct answer that we don't accept travelers cheques for deposit. I've coached back the correct information to the agent you chatted with, going over all the types of deposits we can and cannot accept. We do have an internal knowledge base that our agents use, but as this agent was confident in his answer he did not consult it - and we've addressed that as well.

Thank you for your feedback, and for following up with us on this. Your feedback helps us to keep accountable and continually improve on our customer service. If you have any other good or bad experiences, we welcome you to share them with us.

All the best,

Savings Email Team  

 Not bad eh? Well thats all for now.

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