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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

About the ING Direct Canada Orange Key Referral Program

     Whats's better than a high interest no fee bank account? A high interest no fee bank account that pays you to sign up!
     When signing up for an account with ING you will notice a box to input an Orange Key, that's where you put this number 33885729S1. If you make an account with that number you will get a $25 bonus. Once your account is set up you can get your own orange key and use it to make more money!
     With the ING Direct.ca Orange Key referral program you can share your Orange Key with your friends to unlock up to $2,000 in bonuses. Every time a friend opens an ING DIRECT Canada Account with $100 or more and uses your key, you'll both get $25. The more you refer, the more you can earn!
     Speaking from experience it really is quite easy to do. You can start by using the Orange Key 33885729S1 to open up your account and receive your first $25. After you will be given your own key to share. 
     Not sure if you can make any referral money with your orange key? Well do you have a best friend, bother, sister, mother, father, cousin, boy/girlfriend, spouse, dog...(the list goes on) any of these people are a perfect start. In my case I had my sister signed up in under 10 minutes through a messenger conversation. You can do it too!
     If you decide you don't want to use ING Direct.ca afterwards, no problem! Transferring your money back to your original bank account is easy, and you can keep the $25. But ING Direct Canada is a pretty good bank in my opinion, it's worth trying out for a bit.
     (Update!) A new post has been written giving more in-depth information to the ING Direct Orange Key Goal System, showing you how you can earn bonus money ontop of your $25 referral earnings!!

      -Sign Up Now at ING Direct.ca (don`t forget to copy an ING Direct Canada Orange Key  33885729S1 )  
     -See our original post about the ING Direct Orange Key program HERE for more information.


  1. Here's my orange key for everyone
    ORANGE KEY: 36165262S1
    Go with ING Direct you will not be disappointed.

  2. Here is an up-to-date ING Orange Key good until 2015 for the $25 referral bonus 17465528S1

    To sign up with this Orange Key go to:

  3. A great way to start the fall is an extra $25 in your pocket. Here’s a WORKING Orange Key 35065057S1.

  4. Joyce RobertsSeptember 20, 2011

    August 2011 – fresh ING Direct Canada Orange Key: 19125682S1 Use it to get a $25 bonus when you open an online bank account at ingdirect.ca

  5. Thank you to everyone posting their ING Direct Canada orange keys! Check back at the end of the month to see the contest winner!

  6. Hello, I am an Anthropologist and I have used your orange key.

  7. Here is an up-to-date ING Orange Key good until 2015 for the $25 referral bonus 17465528S1

  8. Here is an up-to-date ING Orange Key good until 2015 for the $25 referral bonus 17465528S1

  9. Current orange key 31106064S1

  10. Hello, my orange key is 35254960S1

  11. As others have already said, you can use any ING Orange Key by December 31st 2011 and get a 50$ bonus when you open an account with 100$ ore more. Afterwards, it'll still work but it will only get you a 25$ referral bonus.

    Orange Key: 16906774S1

    Happy Savings!

  12. You can use this Orange Key to get 50$ referral bonus when you make your first deposit of 100$.

    Orange Key: 39035027S1

    Thank you kindly, and happy holidays.

  13. My ING Orange key is 17327197S1 if anyone is looking for a working one.

    All you need is a $100 deposit to earn the $25 bonus, and if you open a chequing account and have your payroll automatically deposited to it by February 29, 2012, you'll get a $100 bonus!

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    When you open your ING account, please use the following to code to receive the bonus free 25 dollars to your account: Just type it it when they ask for the orange key. Cheer!


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