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Monday, October 17, 2011

ING Direct 2012 TFSA Kick Start Accounts Available!

     It`s that time of year again! What time...? ...The time when we put away our summer snowsuits,  pull the winter ones out, tune up our dog sleds and train the lead dog...what happened to those good ole days eh?


     It`s also the time of the year when ING Direct Canada offers for a limited time their TFSA Kick Start accounts!

     Not familiar with the Kick Start Account from INGDirect.ca? Take a look at this post to learn about Tax-Free Savings Accounts. If you know what a TFSA is then you should be aware that you receive a $5000 increase to your contribution space each year, the 2012 Kick Start Account will let you take maximum  advantage of this. 
     From now untill the new year you can put $5000 into a Kick Start account and earn double interest on it! The extra interest will be given to you as a bonus on the new year. In addition, when the new year rolls in ING Direct.ca will automatically transfer $5000 from your Kick Start account into your TFSA, any money (intrest earned) in the Kick Start over that $5000 will be deposited into your regular account so you don`t need to worry about going over your annual contribution limit.
     The idea is supposed to be that the double interest will cover any tax that you would usually have to pay the government for investment income from that $5000 essentially making it "tax-free"...ING pushes this point but it doesn`t really hit home for me...I just like the sound of double interest! ING Direct also mentions that by using the Kick Start account and its automatic transfer to your TFSA you won`t miss a moment of tax-free savings opportunity when the new year comes...Double Interest!! lol...I`m sure someone sees it the way it`s intended to be seen. Anyone?
     Oh and one more point, I`m not sure if ING Direct makes this clear or not, but you`re not allowed to deposit more than $5000 into your Kick Start account, and only one account can be created. What happens if you try to deposit more?...well some people believe that the world will end in 2012.

     -Sign Up Now at ING Direct.ca (don`t forget to copy an ING Direct Canada Orange Key  33885729S1 )    
     -See our original post About the ING Direct Canada Orange Key for more information.
     -Keep an eye out on our Contest Page to see our latest contests and contest winners!


  1. ...I had checked for that mistake casue I knew I would make it, but somehow I let it slip still. Or perhaps its not a mistake and it stands for tremendously stupid ****ING ***hole, wow! Get a Kick Start account to becoming a TSFA today!

    Thanks for pointing that out ;)

  2. Haha, sign my manager up for that one!

  3. Here's my orange key!