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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Useless but Entertaining Referral Tips

Everyone can try and tell you the best ways to spread your orange key, I've done it too, but how many people share with you the useless yet entertaining ways to attempt and get referrals? Well I'm going to!
1.Write your orange key on a piece of paper, tie it to a helium balloon, let it fly and hope someone will eventually find and use it.

A word of caution before reading further, there might be an idea or two not G-rated ;)

1b. Same as above but use a love makin' latex cover :) try different brands, shapes, flavors...think the finder would try to use more than just the ING orange key??

1c. Use a pigeon instead, super old school!

2. Take the S.O.S letter out, put your ING Direct Canada orange key in the bottle and toss it into the ocean! 

3. Rent a VHS movie from somewhere that still manages to rent them out, record your orange key over that last few minutes of white noise we always find at the end. Its a long shot I know...all the ideas are...

4. Pee your key into some snow on prime viewing real-estate...you know your Canadian when?

5. Carve your ING Direct orange key nice and big into the sole of your shoe and go make some footprints!

6. Broadcast your key through the airwaves in Morse code and hope that one of the thousands of Canadian spies listening hears and uses it.

Theres more to come but heres a bit for now!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ING Direct Canada Orange Key Question Time (pt.2)

     Incased you missed the fun while it was fresh yesterday, here is another round of ING Direct.ca orange key questions left unsaid...perhaps for a good reason too...

Q. I'm still looking for a purple key, where can I find it?

A. Ok, ok...First make sure you are in Canada, second you need to be facing to the north. If you've done those two things then leave a good comment on each of this blogs pages. After doing so there is a possibility that a purple key will appear...somewhere.

Q. Does my ING orange key come with a Canadian maple leaf key chain? 
A. No, INGDirect.ca doesn't charge bank fees, I suggest you don't ask the question again if you want it to stay that way.

Q. How many times will there be question time on this blog?
A. Most likely more times than needed...might even become a weekly thing.

Q. I had a question about online banking at INGDirect.ca but I can't remember it.
A. Too bad cause I had an answer for you.

     Catch you next time!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Can I do with My ING Canada Orange Key?

     Because I know everyone is thinking these things now, I will answer the unasked questions in your head about the ING Direct Canada Orange Key!

Q. Can the ING Orange Key act as a master key to replace all my other keys?
A. Have you tried putting your INGDirect.ca Orange Key into a lock recently?...Try and ask again.

Q. Can my Orange Key from ING Direct solve the worlds political and social problems?

A. If you haven't noticed already politicians here hopeless, not even your mighty Canadian Orange Key can  help them. As for the worlds social issues...Try and post a comment if you succeed!

Q. I failed to solve the worlds social issues using my ING Canada Orange Key, think I could at least conquer world hunger with it?
A. Not directly, but if you put all your referral money into an ING Direct Canada Streetwise Fund and pray for a miracle you might be able to feed yourself for a month, and that's how we change the world - one person at time.

Q. Someone told me that the ING Orange key is a plot by the government of Canada to take over the world, is it true!?
A. Don't be stupid...This is Canada, not a certain country that geographically exists south of our asses. The only thing we would plot is to boycott the beaver pelt industry in which case we don't need our orange keys. Oh and it's The Harper Government now fool! Get it straight or risk losing your overpaid government job...hmm...maybe Canada is capable of plotting.

Q. Is my orange key good for getting money at other Canadian online banks?
A. No, you need a purple key for that.

Q. Where do I get a purple key?
A. Sorry my lunch break is over....next time!

If you have any other questions you need answered about Canada, ING Direct, the Orange Key or any other thing you can think of feel free to post them in the comments! 

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Not so ING but Still Orange Art!

     Believe it or not there is more to life than ING Direct Canada and the orange key program. There are more things to think about than just Canadian Banks, Online Banks, US Banks or any other form of money saving institution offering savings accounts...yes my friend there is life beyond INGDirect.ca, there may or may not be intelligent life outside Canada however...thats a debat for someone elses blog or at least a different post. It seems the insanity has begun spilling out of my orange key squidoo page and finding its way onto what was once a blog about a bank in Canada and it's mighty orange key!
     Anyways here is a little orange art spawned from too many minutes of free time, enjoy!

Because if you don't the next coffee you drink might just be from this cup...and you sure as H*ll don't want to drink that bitter $hit...(Is the language excusable?)

We tend to forget that oranges are living organisms too...sure you can peel them but would you like to be peeled?
Good, garbage? Probably more interesting than the other orange key sites at least. What do you think? I'll probably be posting more at some point so come back and check!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mutual Mishaps

     Of course this blog is dedicated mainly to the ING Direct Canada Orange Key bonus program but at times its also about other ING Direct products, online banks in general, bellybutton lint, and that stuff that collects behind your ear after a super lazy weekend...those last two will be covered at a later date, so perhaps a sooner date on our more risky squidoo page. 

     This time around I would like to touch on mutual funds at ING Direct Canada. Not about which Streetwise fund is the best, not about how great the ING Direct Canada mutual funds are, and not about how to use your orange key to pick your nose while eating oranges on an icy summers night in south eastern Canada (cause its a well know fact that that's what we love to do in the dogsleding off season...-_-...). This particular post will be about what not to do when starting up an ING Direct Canada mutual fund.  

     ...Don't jump in too fast! A small yet useful piece of advise. Check out the daily prices for a bit, you will see that the ING Direct Canada mutual fund prices will fluctuate daily. The idea is to buy in when it's at a low point. Of course over the years you should see an increase in your fund value but this tiny thing can give you an extra 5 or 10 cent boost. 

     I am slightly bitter that I didn't do this with my tax-free mutual fund at ING Direct Canada. I took a look at the monthly performance only not knowing that there was also a daily pricing available after you open your fund...I maxed out my fund on opening at $10.64 only to find it drop to $10.58 the next day and $10.57 the day after that...It's not the loss I'm thinking about it because the fund will return again, but the missed opportunity to make that little bit extra is eating away at the fat that's building up around my brain. Oh well, I tryed to make up for it by opening a regular mutual fund at ING Direct Canada when I noticed the price drop.

     Share your mutual fund or stock horror stories in the comments, ING Direct or otherwise, and leave your orange keys too!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Contest Time!

     It's contest time! Visitors to the site are starting to pick up and orange keys are being left so let's have some fun. The first contest will be kept simple. Post your orange keys anywhere on this site and at the end of the month one orange key will be featured in a new blog post! Also that number will be added to an ever updated list of contest winners! That means two opportunities to publisize your ING Direct Canada Orange Keys. Here's the catch, all keys will be entered into the contest but someone who not only posts their orange key but also contributes something meaningful to that post in their comment will have a much better chance of wining our ING Direct Canada Orange Key Contest. Remember to check back for more contests and also to see the winner at the end of the month. Good luck to everyone!

     Do you have any ideas for future contests? Share your ideas and orange keys in the comments!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orange keys, Orange lattes, and Orange squid?

     We just launched our new Squidoo page "ING Direct Canada Orange Key Latte." Is it worth reading? Of course! Why? Because it's the spawn of abnormality.

     Where the ING Direct Canada Orange Key blog attempts to maintain a basic level of formality, our Squidoo page makes up for it in relativly unmoderated musings. There might be something useful there but I won't garentee it. At least our ING Direct Canada Orange Key Latte page can make a nice toilet read for those with a means of taking this mess on the road. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to be an ING Direct Canada Salesperson Without Earning a Salary

     If there is a bank whose gotten advertising right I'd say it's ING Direct Canada. ING drew huge attention with their straight talking Englishman commercials which many companies even today are less successfully trying to imitate. ING has even been able to put a trademark on the term 'save your money' joining the ranks with other big companies who've been able to claim everyday phrases as their own.
     Having said this maybe it's to be expected that they would create the orange key, one if the greatest sales tools employed by a bank.. The 'orange' bank knows what people want and they know how to take advantage of it without making you feel ripped off. The INGDirect.ca Orange Key bonus program is a win - win situation for all who take part, money for you customers for them. In ING Direct's eyes the referral bonus is a small price to pay.
     So how can you make the most out of the orange key referral program? How can you be a star salesperson without a glorious monthly paycheck!? How can you get your $25 bonus and more!? Here are a few sales tips and techniques that can help you get more key referrals.

     1. Lets star with a simple principal, sell don't tell. Tell someone to use your orange key and sign up at ING Direct.ca and they are likely to say no, a variation of no, or yes but mean no. So how can you get orange key referrals? Hook people, build up interest and make them want to sign up at ING Direct.ca. Give people a reason to say yes to you.

     2. Choose your word wisely! Are you going to tell people they can "Get $25 at ING Direct Canada", "Earn $2000 using their own orange keys at ING Direct.ca", or "Make up to $2025 for singing up and signing up friends at an online bank"? There are so many ways to say the same thing, so many words to choose from and it's quite important to make the right choices. The post "How to Pop the Question" (coming soon) has more specifics on this topic.

     3. Avoid looking or sounding like a con artist. As soon as someone has this impression of you, your chances of getting an ING Direct Canada referral are almost zero. You need to give people enough information to trust you but don't confuse them with too many details. Walk through the ING Direct.ca sign up process step by step with them. The question I heard the most is why do I need to send ING Direct Canada a $100 cheque. This question is usually followed by what happens to my money. These questions can be easily answered but saying I don't know will likely lose you an ING Direct Canada orange key referral. So what should you say? First tell the person asking that the cheque is used as a form of ID rather than having to mail a more important piece of ID. Secondly the cheque has the information on it needed to link your original bank account to your new ING Direct Canada online bank account, this is how you can move your money back and forth. Remind the person that the cheque is made in their own name so nobody else has access to the money, it will be deposited into their new ING Direct Canada account where they can do what they want wiith it.

     4. Don't feed a lion Rice Crispies if they like raw flesh and Coffee Crisp. The same goes for people you are signing up to ING Direct Canada, don't pitch them on a product they won't be interested in. Keep in mind that there are products other than the ISA available at ING Direct Canada, take some time to become familiar with them it'll pay off!

     5. Have a business card! A salesperson would have one and so should you, but you don't need to go overboard. Self-printed or free offer cards will do, just make sure they are neat and clean. What information do you need on your non-official ING Direct Canada business card? Start with your name for formalty's sake, follow it by a one sentance catch phrase (tip #2 had three examples), state your ING Direct Orange Key, and finish off with the ING Direct.ca website. One thing to avoid is making it look like an official ING Direct Canada business card, don`t infringe on any copyrights. These cards are really great for the times when a computer isn`t handy to complete the sign up and you want to leave the information with someone for later.

     That marks the end of the tip list. Sales 101 is finished, hopefully you can pick something useful out of there to use for yourself when signing people up to ING Direct Canada with your orange key. Feel free to share your own tips in the comments!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Tips to Getting More Orange Key Referrals

     You found an ING Direct Canada orange key, signed up, collected your $25 and received your own key... correct? If not then here is a working orange key 33885729S1, and here is the link to go Sign Up Now at ING Direct.ca. If your ready to promote your orange key then lets begin!
So how do you do it? How do you reach that convented $2000 potential? You could try seeing if it will open the lock to a small safe, you might get lucky. Or you can do what was intended for you to do, share your orange key with friends and get referrals!

Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Push Your Friends Without Getting Punched (An orange key survival guide)

     Consider this your axe-wielding, zombie slaying, survival guide to signing your friends up at ING Direct Canada using your orange key (minus the axe, slaying zombies, and urgent need to survive...sorry if you are dissapointed).
     Your friends are an excellent source of referrals, you should have a good relationship with them and a bit of trust between you. Throw in a pinch of influence and you have yourself $25. You should be careful though, if you become an annoying pain in the ass about it you might get punched rather getting an Orange key referral. If you are particularly irritating you might even lose a friend! Are you scared, can you feel the fear!?...oh sorry, this is a Canadian blog save that tactic for a blog from another country.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's the best Online Bank? How to choose an Online Bank.

     So you are one of tens of thousands of people on the internet asking "What's the best online bank?" Depending on who you ask this may or may not be a good question, but we think its worth addressing at least. Choosing an online bank shouldn't be a matter of joining the top online bank in a google search  (ING Direct, last time I checked), nor should it be asking "What's the best online bank?" on an online bank forum and choosing the online bank that gets mentioned the most. If you are planning to join an online bank and start your journey in the world of online banking then you need to do your research!
     By this point if you've read any of the other posts on this blog you may be wondering why I'm not plugging ING Direct Canada and their orange key referral program that can earn you $2000...well it was only a matter of time. But I'd like to try to offer some unbiased help when it comes to choosing an online bank, rather than giving you my list of top 5 online banks. Get some info, do some research, make your own 'informed' decision. This is the process you should follow.

Monday, September 5, 2011

ING Direct Canada Orange Key Goals

     We already had one main post abount INGDirect.ca and their orange key program, this blog post will focus on one particualr aspect of ING Direct Canada's Orange Key referral bonus. Of course getting free money is fun but what could add even more fun to it? What can entice us even more to try and sign our friends up at INGDirect.ca? Well I think ING Direct Canada got it right, they added a slight game aspect to it. So now not only do you earn money with your ING Direct Canada orange key, but also you have 'goals' to try and reach to 'unlock' bonus money!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tax Free is the Way to Be! (Another Great Innovation from Canada)

     Have you gone tax free yet? Tax-Free savings accounts aren't exclusive to ING Direct Canada they are offered at most (if I say all someone will prove me wrong) banks throughout Canada. If you don't have a Tax-Free savings account yet then each year you wait your are throwing away $5000 of savings opportunities! Let's find out more about Canadian Tax-Free savings accounts: