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Friday, September 9, 2011

How to Push Your Friends Without Getting Punched (An orange key survival guide)

     Consider this your axe-wielding, zombie slaying, survival guide to signing your friends up at ING Direct Canada using your orange key (minus the axe, slaying zombies, and urgent need to survive...sorry if you are dissapointed).
     Your friends are an excellent source of referrals, you should have a good relationship with them and a bit of trust between you. Throw in a pinch of influence and you have yourself $25. You should be careful though, if you become an annoying pain in the ass about it you might get punched rather getting an Orange key referral. If you are particularly irritating you might even lose a friend! Are you scared, can you feel the fear!?...oh sorry, this is a Canadian blog save that tactic for a blog from another country.

     I doubt your going to get injured or have any friendship problems from trying to refer your friends to ING Direct. What this post is really about is how to make signing up your friends easier. Ready for some tips!?
     1. Location, location, location...no we aren`t selling homes but your friends or anyone else for that matter can`t create an INGDirect.ca account without having access to their SIN number and cheque book! Your friends have one less excuse to give if you try to sign them up at their own home. Remember to bring your orange key!
     2. Moderately impaired orange key referrals. People tend to be easier to convince once the edge has been taken off with a drink or two. If you and your targeted friend like to drink together then ask if they are interested in ING  and the orange key program after a bit of liquid courage. I don`t think there's anything wrong with this approach, just don`t get wasted and spill beer in the keyboard, it'll cost you at least half of your referral to replace (if you go really cheap).
     3. Be prepared! Why not get an envelope, write the ING Direct Canada address on it and if your really sharp throw some postage on it. If you make it easy for your friends they are more likely to be willing to complete the process. Why not offer to drop the cheque off in a mailbox for them while your on a roll.
     4. Don't mention banking at all! Or at least try not to. Signing up for free money is much more fun than signing up for a bank account. Don't lie to your friends though, just omit certain facts until necessary. Wait until your friend asks why they need their SIN number before diving into the details. Combine this with tip 2 for maximum results!
     5. Let`s finish this tip list here with, Open your Wallet! Don`t want to sign up for a new online bank account? What if I give you $5 cash? What if I buy you a beer? What if I gave you a beaver pelt and sang Oh Canada? What if I... you get the picture, offer your friends something more than they are already going to get. Your friends are going to get $25, but something on the spot would be nice too. Is bribing against the rules?

     Are any of these tips against the ING Direct.ca rules? Best to check it out before you employ some of these. I'm not responsible for your troubles but feel free to thank me if you found the tips helpful or at least humorous. Share your stories of how you convinced your friends to sign up in the comments, and of course share your orange keys to!

      -Sign Up Now at ING Direct.ca (don`t forget to copy an ING Direct Canada Orange Key  33885729S1 )  
     -See our original post about the ING Direct Orange Key program HERE for more information.

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