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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mutual Mishaps

     Of course this blog is dedicated mainly to the ING Direct Canada Orange Key bonus program but at times its also about other ING Direct products, online banks in general, bellybutton lint, and that stuff that collects behind your ear after a super lazy weekend...those last two will be covered at a later date, so perhaps a sooner date on our more risky squidoo page. 

     This time around I would like to touch on mutual funds at ING Direct Canada. Not about which Streetwise fund is the best, not about how great the ING Direct Canada mutual funds are, and not about how to use your orange key to pick your nose while eating oranges on an icy summers night in south eastern Canada (cause its a well know fact that that's what we love to do in the dogsleding off season...-_-...). This particular post will be about what not to do when starting up an ING Direct Canada mutual fund.  

     ...Don't jump in too fast! A small yet useful piece of advise. Check out the daily prices for a bit, you will see that the ING Direct Canada mutual fund prices will fluctuate daily. The idea is to buy in when it's at a low point. Of course over the years you should see an increase in your fund value but this tiny thing can give you an extra 5 or 10 cent boost. 

     I am slightly bitter that I didn't do this with my tax-free mutual fund at ING Direct Canada. I took a look at the monthly performance only not knowing that there was also a daily pricing available after you open your fund...I maxed out my fund on opening at $10.64 only to find it drop to $10.58 the next day and $10.57 the day after that...It's not the loss I'm thinking about it because the fund will return again, but the missed opportunity to make that little bit extra is eating away at the fat that's building up around my brain. Oh well, I tryed to make up for it by opening a regular mutual fund at ING Direct Canada when I noticed the price drop.

     Share your mutual fund or stock horror stories in the comments, ING Direct or otherwise, and leave your orange keys too!

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