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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Useless but Entertaining Referral Tips

Everyone can try and tell you the best ways to spread your orange key, I've done it too, but how many people share with you the useless yet entertaining ways to attempt and get referrals? Well I'm going to!
1.Write your orange key on a piece of paper, tie it to a helium balloon, let it fly and hope someone will eventually find and use it.

A word of caution before reading further, there might be an idea or two not G-rated ;)

1b. Same as above but use a love makin' latex cover :) try different brands, shapes, flavors...think the finder would try to use more than just the ING orange key??

1c. Use a pigeon instead, super old school!

2. Take the S.O.S letter out, put your ING Direct Canada orange key in the bottle and toss it into the ocean! 

3. Rent a VHS movie from somewhere that still manages to rent them out, record your orange key over that last few minutes of white noise we always find at the end. Its a long shot I know...all the ideas are...

4. Pee your key into some snow on prime viewing real-estate...you know your Canadian when?

5. Carve your ING Direct orange key nice and big into the sole of your shoe and go make some footprints!

6. Broadcast your key through the airwaves in Morse code and hope that one of the thousands of Canadian spies listening hears and uses it.

Theres more to come but heres a bit for now!

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  1. Here's my orange key!