What is BFBD?

BFBD is a Psycho-Electro Punk band from Toronto Canada. They generate power for their gear using dogsled generators and they eat a box of Creed for breakfast everyday! You don't mess with BFBD cause they'll gnaw off you legs and build a dam with them. You listen to BFBD cause you can't fathom what type of sound all this BS is backing up!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BFBD is Canadian Pshyco-Electro Punk!

Excuse me BFBD...What exactly does Canadian Psycho-Electro Punk sound and look like?! Does Punk exist in Canada?! How does the band get electricity to make the Electro part?! Well Punk does exist in Canada!! The electricity comes from dogsled wheels (think hamster wheels only bigger and colder)!

As for the look and sound, check it out! BFBD's Tracks on Youtube:

BFBD - Pretty

BFBD - Pink Nose

BFBD - Tongues

As for the looks - Updated info, photos, give aways and more can be found on the Official BFBD Facebook Page. Enjoy!

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